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In 1996 Nicola Falappi inaugurated his first flower boutique in Brescia, experimenting new floral expressions through a continuous research, thus transforming the natural beauty of flowers into style and harmony.


At its core there is a broader project that, through the years, has developed with the opening of Studio Quaranta Idee & Progetti, a benchmark for those who combine the love for flowers with a passion for interior design, and a place where every single object reminds of the pleasure of living surrounded by beauty.

Today, Studio Quaranta is Nicola Falappi’s creative lab.

Design planning is carried out by tracing simple and sophisticated small signs of faraway or future epochs, material and chromatic combinations across design, art, architecture and fashion.

The involvement in setting up a commercial space as well as a private house goes from designing its building envelope, choosing its materials and finish to caring for the slightest detail.

Ideas & Projects… become places. 

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